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Inverness Branding Master Plan

As part of the Inverness Branding Master Plan, the District established new criteria for building monument signs, wayfinding signs, regulatory signs, and park identity signs. The new sign program was approved by both Douglas County and Arapahoe County. The District has worked with building owners to update building signage throughout the Inverness Park. Wayfinding and regulatory signs have also been updated.

Douglas County approved sign plans

Arapahoe County approved sign plans

Pedestrian Sidewalk Construction Update

As part of the Inverness Branding program, the District has been adding approximately 4 miles of pedestrian connection sidewalks around the park and connecting to the Light Rail stations. The District appreciates your patience during the construction of these improvements to pedestrian access throughout the District. If you have questions or concerns, please call the District office at 303-649-9857.

Bus Shelter Construction
Thirteen (13) shelters have been installed throughout the Park based on use studies. We encourage users of the RTD Shuttle to utilize these shelters for your safety and comfort.

Street Resurfacing, Maintenance, and Striping
The Inverness Metropolitan Improvement District works with Arapahoe and Douglas County each year to insure that streets within the Inverness Park are maintained as well as possible. Arapahoe County and the Inverness District are coordinating the re-surfacing about 3500 feet of Inverness Drive East in 2015. The District also re-surfaced and repaired areas of Inverness Boulevard and Inverness Main Street in 2015 and Douglas County resurfaced much of the I-25 frontage road at the southwest edge of Inverness. The District annually reviews and repaints street striping as needed.

John Derry Park Basketball Court
The District constructed a basketball court in 2015 to add to the recreational amenities in the John Derry Park. The idea of building a basketball court was raised by an Inverness Park commercial entity. The District believes that the court will provide a benefit to both Inverness business employees and residents of Inverness.